Nescafé is one of the first brands to use sponsored data video view to offer content that aims to inspire young Ghanaians and Africans to follow their dreams through the ‘Nescafé New Dawn’ campaign, and encourage them to continue enjoying the Nescafé experience with the new Nescafé 3-in-1, a perfect balance of instant coffee, milk and sugar for a smooth taste

“Brands are already using mobile devices to reach consumers effectively,” said Roman Irurre, Nescafé Business Executive Manager for Nestlé in the Central and West Africa Region’. Using sponsored data Video View campaign, Nescafé aims to inspire mobile-loving young Africans to pursue their dreams in an engaging, exciting and innovative way that is easily accessible and simple to use.

Sponsored data takes advantage of the already existing high penetration of mobile devices to deliver informative, educational and entertaining content that inspire customers to perform desired actions.

Businesses will be able to drive up traffic to their websites by sponsoring access to promote business transactions and encourages consumers to browse through ecommerce websites without worrying about their data, leading to purchases.

Consumers can also be rewarded for their engagement with your brand to increase loyalty.  By offering consumers free internet access for viewing advertisements, promotions or brand information they will keep coming back to your brand or business.

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