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Sponsored Data is the first Over The Top (OTT) mobile services application for Mobile Network Operators and Businesses that is proven to encourage users to consume mobile data and content more freely. Sponsored Data drives consumer engagement by removing existing barriers to consumption and allowing third parties, such as Advertisers, Corporates, App Developers, Publishers and other organizations to subsidize mobile data for consumers. With Sponsored Data, you can now target mobile subscribers with specific content based on Time, Location, Event and Demographics all with a click of a button. This is the power of Sponsored Data and future of Mobile Advertising.

Use Cases
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ZroNet Data Rewards
Build Brand Loyalty: Encourage your customers to perform a call to action by rewarding them with data bundles. For example, you could incentivize potential customers to download your mobile app by rewarding them with 50MB when they download or 100MB for watching your marketing video. Our Data-Given campaigns are guaranteed to deepen engagement and can help drive the right actions at the right time, like buying a product, registering for a site, or liking a Facebook page. Contact us to find out the numerous ways you can drive the desired customer behaviour through ZroNet Data Rewards.
Mobile Advertising
Imagine you are a Brand aiming to produce and disseminate advertising and marketing content for one of your products. You want to increase brand and product awareness by utilizing smart, new and innovative mobile technology to gain access to new audiences. Mobile Advertising using sponsored data will ensure that your consumers view your content free of charge. Best of all, you gain great insights and visibility on consumer behaviour and market trends.
ZroNet Mobile Surveys

Understand Your Customers: Conduct market and/or consumer research at a fraction of the cost and time of conventional surveys. Our mobile surveys are unique, in that they don’t impact the customer’s data plan, and they reward respondent with mobile data upon completion.

Finally, we can target a tailor-made audience based on gender, age, location, income, device type and much more.

ZroNet Survey, the fastest and most accurate way to generate new customer and marketing insights.

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ZroNet Mobile Apps
Free your Apps: Create compelling and engaging mobile campaigns that increase user acquisition, retention, and in-app activity by allowing users to download and/or use your mobile app without impacting their data plan. Removing data charges is a sure way to significant increase downloads and use of your app. By increasing downloads, your app will gain popularity and greater visibility on the app store.